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The EU celebrated its 50th Anniversary this year.

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Sincethe European Union has progressed from economic cooperation to a political union that affects the lives of almost million citizens. This evolution also brings responsibilities for the political leaders of Europe. The permissive consensus that existed at the beginning has to be turned into an actively earned consensus in dialogue with the European citizens.

better single than taken for granted artinya

Associating citizens to the European construction is more than ever a fundamental issue. If we do not want the citizens to desert once more the European elections inpolitical leaders need to regain the citizens' trust and confidence in the European project and show they care about citizens' involvement in the decision-making machine.

It co-financed a series of projects to learn how ordinary citizens can be invilved in the EU decision-making and how they view the EU's future.

This exercise responds to a basic value of the EU in the 21st century: active citizenship.

A series of grass roots debates, consultations, polls and events aimed at consulting citizens on their visions of Europe have been carried out in a number of Member States, while deliberative polling and consultation has taken place on a pan-European scale.

Thousands of citizens took part in those projects throughout the European Union in Over of them have assembled in Brussels on 8 and 9 December to debate on the major concerns which have emerged through Plan D.

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There was a clear consensus among participants that more opportunities of this kind should be provided to involve citizens in the debate over Europe's future. They have structured these concerns into three themes: 1. The human aspects of globalisation 2. Enlargement, political integration and EU citizenship 3.

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The EU's role on the world stage. They have consolidated their conclusions into a single set of recommendations annexed to this letter.

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They have debated those recommendations with decision-makers representing the EU institutions as well as the present Portuguese and future Slovenian Presidencies of the EU: - Mrs. They call on the European political parties to address those recommendations in their programmes and to discuss them with citizens in view of the elections to European Parliament in They call upon the EU Heads of State and Government, both in their capacity as European but also as national leaders, to heed those recommendations and thereby encourage the development of active European citizenship, without which there cannot be a truly political Union.

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They call for the dialogue with citizens on European issues to be continued and deepened in the future. The participants to the conference on "The future of Europe-the citizens' agenda Twenty—seven recommendations 1. Citizens expect more action from the EU in the area of social policy and better single than taken for granted artinya cohesion in order to fight the black market, reduce salary gaps, promote gender-equality, ease unemployment and to make it attractive to work longer before retiring.

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The EU should promote equal rights, comparable standard of living in all EU member states and foster equal opportunities through harmonised social and economic policies and a welfare model for all member states. The Member States and the EU should make sure that migrants enjoy equal rights and opportunities and have access to education and work if they observe the laws, rules and values of the host country and commit to learning the language.

The European migration policyso far based only on restrictive measures, should adopt a more sophisticated approach aiming at the social and economic development of the involved countries.

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The EU needs to clarify its approach to economic refugee status. The EU should show more commitment to educational promotion in general but also specifically regarding European issues, e.

Better single than taken for granted artinya

Exchange projects need further support to encourage young people to recognise the importance of their EU citizenship in the global context. The EU should help preserving, appreciating and respecting the diversity of peoples, knowledge, customs and languages identities - while recognising common and shared European values.

Integration strategies such as the educational mann im supermarkt kennenlernen incorporating the EU into school curricula will favour the development of a European identity. The EU should increase opportunities for a more active, direct participation of European citizens from all walks of better single than taken for granted artinya in policy-making through regular citizen Plan D-type participatory projects, debates, public hearings, etc.

More transparency-more influence for European citizens! The EU should make sure that the current citizen recommendations are considered and discussed not only by the EU but also national policy-makers or become part of existing policy-making processes e.

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The EU should not only listen but also learn. The EU should become more interactive, citizen friendly and inclusive, recognising the growing significance of regional approach and identity. New and innovative information technique should be used to improve communication with citizens especially young people.

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Specific attention has to be paid to the frequently neglected gender issues. Climate change and energy security cannot successfully be dealt with at the national level alone.

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The EU should be given stronger powers to develop a common energy policy and ensure that Member States live up to the commitments they have made at European level. In a global world, it makes sense for the EU to take greater responsibility than today in the fields of military action, foreign aid and diplomatic relations. The EU should be able to speak with one voice on a global level to defend its values.

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