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Nyborg Castle and its environs are to be revitalised so that they will become a new coherent cultural heritage site that provides better understanding of the historical fortress structure on the castle island, enhanced cohesion between castle and town, and new facilities for presentation, interpretation and exhibition.

In addition to the masterplan that is to include the town hall square and the ramparts, existing listed buildings are to be restored and a new exhibition building is to be established within the castle perimeter.

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The competition is both ambitious and highly unusual, as entrants are asked to present proposals for the addition of new buildings to a listed ancient monument and to add new facilities to a listed building complex.

A multitude of dating the danes copenhagen post are to be given to the listings, archaeological traces and ruins in and on the ground, and the response proposed to these challenges will be decisive in the assessment of entries.

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The Danish Agency for Culture is therefore a key party in this competition and will also act as adviser to the assessment panel. It should be noted that the actual exhibition design is not part of this competition.

Nyborg Castle and the surrounding town are a unique cultural heritage monument dating from the Middle Ages. In those days, the castle was left vacant whenever the king was not residing in it — precisely as it is vacant today.

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The vision is to achieve a winning entry that can communicate the historical significance of the castle, the fortress and the square to the town of Nyborg through the combination of new and old into a coherent entity on the castle island that will enhance understanding of the town square, the ramparts and the castle. The aim is not to bring the castle back to a certain ideal state, but to emphasise and explain the original idea and integrity of the site.

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Entrants are requested to present proposals for one or more new buildings to be added to the dating the danes copenhagen post. The Royal Wing and the Watchtower are to be restored, and the castle courtyard is to be demarcated.

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The height of the Watchtower may be aus Prag if this is deemed necessary for future understanding of the site as a whole. In addition, one or more new bridges may be built between the town and the castle island, and a new layout and use of the town square and nearby urban spaces and landscapes may be proposed.

The competition sponsor would like applicants to form teams with the competencies and qualifications needed to realise the vision. Such teams may comprise both Danish and international enterprises.

dating the danes copenhagen post

The competition sponsor intends to shortlist 6 teams for participation in the competition and to select up to three equal winners of the competition who will be invited to participate in the negotiated procedure.

The negotiations will be conducted with each winning team individually, and there will be several negotiation meetings with intermediary submissions of the entrants' adjusted designs. This amount includes building site costs, winter measures and contingencies, but not consultants' fees.


It excludes the cost of exhibition design and furniture. SLKE intends to enter into a lead consultancy agreement with the entrant that after ending the negotiated procedure has submitted the most economically advantageous tender.

dating the danes copenhagen post

Time schedule: The inauguration of the completed project is scheduled for The main emphasis will be on their technical capacity and in that connection their multidisciplinary competencies and approach to the project in the light of the complexity of the assignment. Participants will be selected on the basis of the information provided so as to ensure the best possible competition.

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