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Nikko - public bus area pass Unterkunft: Standard-Hotel oder Ryokan 5. Tag: Nikko For those feeling energetic, join your leader for a hike in the area.

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Depending on the time of the year, you can relax by Chuzenji Lake or climb up to the Senjogahara Plateau, where the gods of Mt Nantai and Mt Akagi are said to have battled for possession of the lake.

You can take a 6 kilometre walk following the course of the plateau, or explore the various hiking trails that spread off from the lake itself.

The lake area is also home to the Kegon Waterfall, and you can get the Akechi Daira Rope Way cable car over the falls and lake.

der tour japan zum kennenlernen

A little further on is Lake Yunoko and Yumoto, where you can soak in the natural hot springs — a great place to experience one of Japans well-loved public onsens. In the town itself you can explore the shops along Hippari Dako, maybe tasting yuba, the skin that forms on top when making tofu - a delicious treat! Take the local train der tour japan zum kennenlernen 2 hours and then jump on board the shinkansen bullet train to Kyoto for approximately three hours.

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With over 2, temples, shrines and gardens, Kyoto is a great place to get lost in. On arrival, let's head to one of the most photogenic spots in Kyoto, Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine.

Japan zum Kennenlernen: Von Osaka nach Tokio

Famous for the thousands of vermillion-coloured torii gates which straddle the paths and trails in the area this shrine is dedicated to Inari the Shinto God of rice.

Foxes are the messengers of Inari and so the shrine has many fox statues which line the path.

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If you have the energy the number of visitors thins out the higher up the hill you walk and the view der tour japan zum kennenlernen the top over Kyoto is well-worth the climb. Enjoy some free time afterwards and get acquainted with Kyoto and walking through the historical streets.

Tag: Kyoto Today is free for you to explore. With its many cultural landmarks and historical sites, and the abundance of traditional arts and literature, Kyoto is regarded as the cultural heart of Japan.

Dertour - Japan zum Kennenlernen

Kyoto is also a city that lends itself to walking, and there are a number of paths available. Another great stop is the architecturally impressive Higashi Honganji temple and the almost surreal Sanjusangendo, home to 1, statues of Kannon.

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In the evening, your leader will take you on a walk through Pondocho and Gion area, the famous Geisha district. Even today you can observe the age-old tradition of geisha girls visiting members of the wealthy elite. This unfolds in small teahouses tucked away in tiny back streets.

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For those who are keen, you can also choose to attend the Gion Corner cultural centre where to enjoy some Japanese performing arts, from flower arranging to the lion dance.

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