Seeland single rifle case

seeland single rifle case

The red duiker was usually the more difficult of the two species to get with only five gamerinnen kennenlernen on the yearly quota in the privately owned Mahlalela nature reserve spanning almost 11, hectares.

We would therefore start our hunt looking after one of these small animals. Certainly too much gun for an animal weighing only about 12 kg but for the nyala the caliber was suitable and therefore I felt it was a very good all-round rig for seeland single rifle case hunt.

I simply had to be careful to place the bullet behind the shoulder on the red duiker to give the taxidermist a fair chance.

It took us more than an hour seeland single rifle case drive the long way from the lodge over the mountain and down to the bottom of the next valley.

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On the way we passed an impressive diversity of typical Zululand habitat ranging from dense camel thorn bush over enormous open grass plains at high altitudes to thick jungles filled with red duikers along the rivers at the bottom of the valleys.

Freddy Robertson — my experienced PH — knew this enormous area like the back of his hand. On our way to the riverine forests he had explained exactly what the plan was. We would find a nice starting point on the river.

From there we would slowly stalk as quietly as possible against the wing pausing frequently to observe.

seeland single rifle case

The little red duikers are extremely shy and very alert. If they see the hunters they immediately disappear in the undergrowth. We moved slowly forward under the canopy. The forest floor was covered in dead branches at crackling dry leaves. I stayed right behind my PH and tried to walk in his pace to make as little noise as possible. The forest was silent as the grave and every little twig that snapped under our foot soles sounded as painfully noisy as a chainsaw in a library.

We crossed back and forth over the dried out river bed sportliche frauen kennenlernen stopped at the smallest sound or movement.

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After less than twenty minutes we spooked the first duiker of the day without any chance of seeing whether it was male or female. Ten minutes later we did it again.

Duikers vs. Jens Crested guineafowl Freddy was clearly enjoying this quiet stalk. His smiling enthusiasm was contagious and I was taken seeland single rifle case the challenge.

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Suddenly Freddy froze. A few meters in front of us a small flock of crested guinea fowl was mowing between the bushes.

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Red duikers are often following these birds as all their scraping reveals lots of delicious food for the duikers. Without a movement he studied the area surrounding the birds resting his binoculars on the shooting sticks. Several long minutes passed before we saw some red movement in the bushes.

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A red duiker appeared less than 20 meters in front of us. It was constantly moving and energetically wagging its relatively large tail like a happy little dog. Both male and female red duikers have horns.

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It is therefore difficult to judge the sex by the look of the head. So Freddy was looking for testicles.

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Actually for the set of large — or rather huge — testicles that all male duikers carry around considering the relatively small size of these animals. The red duiker in front of us had none.

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In other words she was a little lady. The Husband arrives We both saw the movement in the bush behind the princess. Another duiker had entered the scene.

Freddy did not need to look at his private parts to conclude that it was an old male.

seeland single rifle case

The thick horns beyond the long hair on his head gave him away. And so did his shameless pursuit of the young female.

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Freddy carefully put up the shooting sticks and I tried to get in position but the duikers had other plans and moved their activities to another bush during the couple of seconds it took me to get ready. Freddy took a chance and asked me to aim for an opening between the bushes. With a little luck the duikers would appear there.

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The distance was less than 20 meters. I quietly got in position and waited. I saw a tiny shadow getting closer to the opening. I cocked the action and moved my finger to the trigger.

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