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Description April E. Edward H.

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Jacobsen Stanley 0. Nelson Small single passenger helicopter April 10, E. Jacobsen y Stanley 0. Nelson April 10, E.

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Nelson ftorneys A ril 10, E. Jacobsen By Stanley 0.

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Nelson Attorneys April E. Nelson j FW 70 Small single passenger helicopter nite This invention relates to rotary wing aircraft, such as helicopters, and more particularly to a collapsible helicopter which has certain components thereof pivotally or foldably connected thereto and other components thereof detachably connected thereto, whereby the helicopter may be dissassembled and collapsed into a portable and light weight folded aircraft package assembly for transpo-rtation.

Summarizing this invention it has as its objects, among others, the provision of a collapsible, light weight, oneman aircraft comprising a main body chassis upon which the remainder of small single passenger helicopter aircraft structure is mounted; the provision of an aircraft rotor column and rotor head including hingedly connected pivotable rotor blades and control paddles; the provision of an aircraft having hingedly connected and piv-otable landing gear means; the provision of hingedly connected and pivot-able pilot operable flight control means for an aircraft; the small single passenger helicopter of a detachable single party altenkirchen rotor boom section for an aircraft and means for quickly detaching or attaching such tail rotor boom section to the aircraft; and the provision of an aircraft which may be collapsed and folded into a portable, easily handled aircraft package assembly.

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Referring to FIG. Patent 2, dated September 13,or U. Patent 2, dated December 19,may be used.

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To effect flight control of the helicopter, conventional mechanism, such as a pilot operable cyclic pitch control stick 8, a collective pitch control lever 9 and yaw control pedal means 11 operatively connected to a torqueco m pensating tail rotor 12 mounted on the tail boom section 6, bad orb singles be used.

To compensate for the torque developed by the engine and to counteract the same, tail rotor 12 is provided on tail boom section 6. Yaw control pedal means 11 are provided on the aircraft to control the pitch of the blades of tail rotor 12 in the manner described in either of the-aforementioned patents.

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However, if jet engines are mounted on the rotor blades, as shown in US. Patent 2, dated September 4,such tail rotor 12 and control pedals 11 would not be required.

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The aircraft of this inventiombecause of its small size, light weight and its ability to be collapsed, is well suited for many military and non-military uses. Its military uses include serveillance and reconnaissance, transportation of light weight but critical supplies, courier work, and the like. Additionally, because the aircrafts may be compactly folded into a package assembly, it may be dropped by parachute to effect rescue of stranded persons or for assembly and use bysoldiers in the field, Many other military uses will be evident to a person well versed in the military arts.

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The average person may be taught to fly the aircraft of this invention in only a few hours and the aircraft, as a result, is well suited for use by large numbers of assault forces each of whom may be equipped with a helicopter of this invention.

The non-military uses of the aircraft include carrying a commuter to and from work and the like.

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As illustrated in FIG. Because of its small size, the aircraft is highly maneuverable and may be used in locales where other more conventional helicopters could not be used.

Desirably, the components of the aircraft, to be described later, are formed from light weight structural metal, such as aluminum or the like, whenever possible whereby the weight of the aircraft may be maintained at a minimum.

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