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At least to me you are.

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Our dogs are always there for us: when we are sad, lonely, or even just on those hot summer days when we need someone to sit by the pool with. I know for me the thing that gets me the most excited about coming home for school breaks is getting to see my dog.

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True love is always being excited to see that person, even if you just saw them. Thank you for constantly making me feel like I am the most important member of the family, and reminding me of it every single time you see me.

Thank you for always being down for a cuddle sesh — literally.

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One of the best things about you, is when people have let me down and disappointed me, or not loved me back, you have always been there for me. When cute boys to cuddle with are nowhere to be found, I have you.

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Whenever I am sad or heartbroken, you are always there to make me feel loved. Thank you for loving me, even though I have flaws. Even though I am not perfect, I know I always have you to turn to and you love me no matter what, which is more than I can say about most people. If people were more like dogs, the world would be a far better place to inhabit. Thanks for all the times you come to my room on your own — it means more than you think.

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Maybe lay on the floor while I aimlessly scroll through social media sites. But our dogs are in a way our children. And it just seems fitting to talk to them as if they are a newborn snapchat single taken hungry. Even though they are covered in fur and can weigh close to pounds.

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Makes sense. And for actually I think totally loving it.


You blend in, but in your own way you totally stand out. The way you always seem to know when Mom is on the phone with me, the cute way you move in circles before you lay down, your fear of our swimming pool; all of it.

Thank you for being a part of our family.

Without you, I would be a very sad and lonely person. Thank you for bringing so much joy to all of us.

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I love you more than I can put in this letter, snapchat single taken hungry than most people, honestly. These are just a few reasons why dogs are far better than cats.

My dog especially is the best of them all, but I guess I am a little biased there So thank you dog, for all that you do for us.

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