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Info General facts for Studying Your studies will be a large part of your life in which new tasks are waiting for you to be fulfilled. New town, new flat, new people, new responsibilities and on top of everything: university.

Es handelt sich nicht um einen einheitlichen Gebäudekomplex. Ferner wurden weitere Nebengebäude im Umland errichtet, um den Studenten eine hochmoderne Einrichtung des Lernens bereitzustellen.

Your studies will be a large part of your life in which new tasks are waiting for you to be fulfilled. The bank of this river invites you to have a barbecue and drink studenten kennenlernen dresden beer, especially in summer.

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From there, you have a wonderful view over the historical town of Dresden that offers sights like the Frauenkirche and Semperoper as well as museums and a lot of possibilities to go shopping.

At the other side studenten kennenlernen dresden the river, you can find the district Neustadt that plays a big role for nearly every student.

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There, you can find all popular bars and clubs which invite you seven days a week to go out and party. A good alternative are the student hostels because they are located near the campus and they are partly furnished.

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The best part of all that — there are plenty of other new würde dich näher kennenlernen who also would like to get to know new people! Besides, there are a lot of university groups you can join.

studenten kennenlernen dresden

Here you can find an overview. There you can find birds of a feather who may share your passion and your interests. Your new responsibility: Suddenly, you must cook for yourself, wash your clothes, and you have to handle your money carefully.

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During the first week, all this will be unusual, but as time draws on, you will see the positive aspects of all that. Now, you are able to decide for yourself what you want to eat today and if you should tidy up your room. With the responsibility there comes the independency, a process that plays an important role while growing up.

As soon as you get used to it, all will be okay. As time draws on, you will get more and more independent and you will start to weigh up which lectures and seminars are important. In contrast to school, there are nearly no mandatory classes and you do not have to follow your timetable.

If there is a day where you cannot go to a seminar due to personal reasons, you can just change into another seminar.

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It is important to find the right balance between university, autonomous learning, and studenten kennenlernen dresden free time and then everything will be fine. And if you have any questions, the faculty council StuRa is always there for you. Just come to our office and we will help you, whether you need academic or private advice! About this page.

studenten kennenlernen dresden

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